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CAHNRS Department of Horticulture Genomics Lab

Undergraduate – Angela Clark

picture of Angela Clark

Angela Clark


Your name and what is/was your background (what is your major, why science, etc)?
My name is Angela Clark. My major is Biology and I want to use my knowledge in science to contribute to the medical field and help to heal the sick.

Why did you decide to join a research lab? How did the experience compare to what you had expected?
I decided to join a research lab to enhance my hands-on knowledge. I also wanted to experience with real scientific protocol. This experience in comparison to what I expected was awesome. I am satisfied with the Horticulture lab itself, and I am grateful to have work with such helpful and patient people.

What was cool, exciting or most interesting about your time in the lab?
The cool this about working in this lab were the lab members themselves. Even with the most tedious and time consuming experiences, and all the mistakes I made, I felt reassured by my mentor. This is what I liked most. Of course the members made most of our time; we never missed a day without laughter. Also the very fact that this lab has its own greenhouse! What’s agricultural technology without your very own plants to grow and regenerate from?

If there is something in particular you learned or discovered that you’d like to share with others, please take a moment to tell us about it.
There are so many I can’t go into detail, but I would have to say I didn’t know yellow strawberries existed! (Even though it does make sense now)

If you would recommend conducting research in a science lab to others, what would you tell them to get them interested in the idea?
I would have to say the fact that they could be a part of something that could change the world for the greater cause. It opens up so many doors to other research projects and other job related avenues. Also, the knowledge and partnership with others is priceless.

We’d love to know what you’re up to, so please give us a brief description of where you are working or going to school now.
Well, I am currently finishing up my senior year in Biology at Fort Valley State University. I do work also, and I am also completing my application to graduate school.

Did the lab experience help you with your classes or your perspective about science? Did working in the lab help you with developing other skills like time management or communication?
This lab experience most definitely helped me with my classes and my labs to go along with them. During the lecture part of class, I will have a better visual understanding of how most processes work. As far as my labs, the techniques learned here will give me a better approach to solving problems in my lab a school. Usually I am a reserved person, working with members in this lab have challenged me to become more vocal about things. Communication is very important in any research. If I didn’t know or wasn’t sure, I had to ask.

Was there anything in particular you would have liked us to do different to enhance your learning or interest from the time spent in the lab?
If in the future you have more undergraduate students working, it may be more helpful to introduce the student to one mentor at a time. I’m only saying this because everyone does things differently and you wouldn’t want the student to feel overwhelmed at the start of things.

Do you feel better prepared for the workplace or future academic endeavors as a result of your time in the lab?
I honestly do feel more prepared for the workplace because this has given me an opportunity to work with people who have something of the same interest as I do science. Even though I do have a job, it does not require involvement in any science related fields. I enjoyed this experience because it allowed me to become a part of future job scenarios.