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CAHNRS Department of Horticulture Genomics Lab

Next-Gen Sequencing

Next generation sequencing is available through the genomics core lab

Please contact:
Mark Wildung
Phone: 509-335-1174
Location: Biotech/LSF 240

Brief History of Next Generation Sequencing at WSU

The Apple Genome Project initiated in the Dhingra Genomics and Biotechnology program in 2008 was the catalyst that resulted in the arrival of next generation sequencing to WSU. Our program remains thankful to Kathy Bantle and Tim Harkins from Roche who agreed to place a 454 sequencer in the lab on a snowy day in June 2008 to enable several genomics and transcriptomics projects in the program. The Roche 454 equipment was purchased by WSU four months later and our lab enabled several sequencing-related projects across the campus over the next year. The 454 equipment was eventually moved to the Genomics core lab in early 2010 in the able hands of Mark Wildung where he serves a large community of scientists relying on next generation sequencing to resolve biological questions. Now the core lab provides next generation sequencing service using multiple platforms including Ion Torrent and PacBio RS.