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CAHNRS Department of Horticulture Genomics Lab

The Undergraduate Student Collective

Undergraduate Students who obtained research experience in the Dhingra laboratory

Key to awards or fellowships won by undergraduate students while they were in my program and utilized their ongoing research experience to apply to the fellowships. I provided letters of recommendation citing their performance in laboratory research. 

  1. NSF CURE Fellowship
  2. Department of Defense SMART Fellowship
  3. College of Agriculture, Human and Natural Resource Sciences Undergraduate Research Award
  4. First prize in WSU Undergraduate Research Poster competition
  5. Outstanding Senior
  6. Global Plant Sciences Initiative Undergraduate Fellowship
  7. College of Agriculture, Human and Natural Resource Sciences Ambassador
  8. WSU International Scholar Award
  9. WSU Auvil Undergraduate Fellowship
  10. McNair Fellowship
  11. Scottish Rite Foundation Scholarship of Spokane
  12. National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates
  13. Ignite Fellowship – College of Agriculture, Human and Natural Resource Sciences Ambassador
MajorUndergraduate StudentYearWhere are they now
Agriculture Business12Becky Zhong2013-summerPh.D. NCSU
ArtKenneth Webb2010 - 2013Employed in CA
Biochemistry12Naeh Lyron Klages-Mundt2012-summerPh.D. MD Anderson Cancer center
Biochemistry12Sequoia Leuba2012-summerPh.D. Public Health, Yale University
Biochemistry12Haley Eleanor Faith Allen2013-summerAssociate Research Specialist at the UW Carbone Cancer Center
BiochemistryChelsea Crabb2016-summerSeattle University Undergrad
BioengineeringAmanda Porter2010 - 2011Employed
BioengineeringBernadette Quint2010 - 2013Employed
BiologyAngela Clark2011 - summerGraduate School
Biology12Jamil Baskett2013-summerUSDA - NRCS
Biology and Cultural Anthropology12Krizia-Ivana Tan Udquim2013-summerPost-Bac at National Cancer Institute, NIH
BiologySonia Weatherly2014 - 2015WSU Undergrad
BiologyJulian Ponsford2014 - 2015WSU Undergrad
BiologyJessica Brar2016-summerHeritage Undergrad
BiologyCorbin Schuster2016-summerHeritage Undergrad
Biology12Brittany LeGrant2012 - summerHigh School Science Teacher - Clayton County, GA
Biology12Jasmine Scott2012 - summerResearch Assistant
Biology12Jeronda Hunt2012-summerTeacher
Biology12Mario Barco2012-summerSenior analysis BioAgilytix, NC
Biology/Clinical Lab Sci12Jeanette Rodriguez2014 and 2015-SummerMS at WSU
Biology12Aric Washines2015-summerTeaching Associate at Heritage
BiologyAshley Koepke2010University of Great Falls
BiologyDavid Rockefeller2010 - 2013Employed
Biomedical Sciences12Isabel Cueva2014-summerMS at Heritage
Biotechnology12Kiara Blanca2011 - summerEmployed
Biotechnology12Keeona Lawrence2011 - summerEmployed
Biotechnology12Piedad Alcala2012-summerMedical technologist
Chemical Eng.Payden Waldo2011Employed
Civil engineering1Christina Duncan2009 - 2011Employed at CH2M
Civil Engineering2,3Danielle Druffel2007 - 2008Department of Defense, Graduate School
Computer SciJohn Grimes2011 - 2012Amazon
Computer SciJoshua Boren2014 - 2015Employed in CA
Computer SciBrian Fleck2013 - 2014Employed in WA
Computer Sci12Lydia Paradiso2012 - summerMSc Edinburgh
Criminal justiceKatherine McFerson2009Attorney
Crops, Soil Sci3,4,5Aaron White2009 - 2011Simplot, ID
Electrical Eng.Eric Shay2010Panasonic, WA
Electrical Eng.6Farooq Khan2008Employed
Electrical Eng.James Windau2011Employed
Food Science3,4,7,9Matt Allan2009 - 2011Purdue Grad School
Food Science3,5,7Maureen McFerson2009 - 2010Employed in food industry
Food SciencePablo Corredor2011 - 2013WSU Undergrad student
Food Science12Olivia Schertz2014-summerClemson Undergrad
GeneticsAndrew Marron2010 - 2011Employed
GeneticsChristopher Vincent2010 - 2011Employed, Seattle, WA
GeneticsMichela Quickstad2010 - 2012Prod. Mgr., Phytelligence
Genetics10Nohely Velasques2010 - 2013State Dept. of Education
HistorySteven Hartwig2011 - 2012Employed
Honors CollegeEmily Rose Rodgers2011Graduate School
Honors CollegeRyan Christian2011 - 2013PhD completed 2019
Employed in industry
Horticulture3Alejandro Baeza2009 - 2011Farming in MX
Horticulture5Brittany Komm2010 - 2011Employed in Wine industry
Horticulture3Dane Scarimbolo2008 - 2010Enologist, Argentina
Horticulture3,5James Crabb2009WSU Graduate School
PhD completed
Employed at WSU
HorticultureJustine Poff2007Teaching
Horticulture3,5,6Kathie Nicholson2007 - 2009Graduate School
Horticulture3Shane Moore2007 - 2009Enologist
Horticulture3,9Tyler Armour2009 - 2010Enologist
Human DevelopmentSequoia Dance2015 - summerWSU Undergrad student
Integrated Plant Sci, AgBiotechColeman Schnebly2016WSU Undergrad student
Integrated Plant Sci - Tree Fruit Management13David Gunkel2015WSU Undergrad student
Integrated Plant Sci - Fruit and Veg13Alexa Hintze2016WSU Undergrad student
Integrated Plant Sci - Fruit and Veg13Paige Kershaw2016WSU Undergrad student
Integrated Plant Sci - AgBiotechErica Conway2014Study Abroad - China
Integrated Plant Sci - AgBiotech9Brennan Hyden2014 - presentWSU Undergrad student
Integrated Plant Sci - AgBiotechNicholas Conti2014 - 2015WSU Undergrad student
Integrated Plant Sci - Fruits9,12Jonathan Abarca2012 - 2015MS at UW
Mathematics11Cory Druffel2009 - 2010Teacher
Mechanical EngDustin DeMars2008Employed
MicrobiologyAmanda Medina2009 - 2010Employed
MicrobiologyChristine Tong2007Employed
Microbiology3Fantahun Tedla2008Physician's Assistant
MicrobiologyFlorita Garcia2009Employed
MicrobiologyKalekidan Malakau2008Nursing
Microbiology3,7Salma Tariq2008 - 2010Nursing
MicrobiologySean Scott2010NA
MicrobiologyThomas Contreras2011 - 2012Dental School
Molecular BioBrittany Urso2010 - 2012Medical School
Molecular BioJennifer Hartwig2010 - 2011Lab Scientist, Seattle
Native Environmental ScienceNa'ta'ne Miles2016-summerNorthwest Indian College Undergrad
Natural Resource12Samuel Torpey2015-summerUI Undergrad student
PhysicsJake Abel2008 - 2009Ph.D. Physics Purdue
PhysicsKenneth Dorrance2010 - 2012Unknown
Physics/CS12Julian Jones2012 - summerEmployed in CS industry
Physics12Destin Holland2013 - summerUniv of North Florida ? Undergrad Student
Plant Sciences12Philip Latimore2013 - summerFVSU Undergrad Student
Plant Sciences12Kelli Russel2014-summerFVSU Undergrad Student
Plant Sciences12Andrea Mathis2014-summerFVSU Undergrad Student
Plant Sciences12Danielle Guzman2015 - summerWSU Graduate School
Pre medKarla Rivera2010Medical Doctor
Pre medValeria Lopez-Lozano2009 - 2010Medical Doctor
SociologyLidia Torres2009Unknown
Sports ManagementShirley Guzman2016-summerUniv of Hawaii Undergrad
Sports ScienceMaria EgglestonFall 2018 - Spring 2019WSU
Viticulture and EnologyLily BeckwithSpring 2019WSU
BiochemistryCameron WellerFall 2018 - Spring 2019WSU
BiochemistryEmma SmithSpring 2019WSU
BiologyCal French Fall 2020WSU
June LabbanczFall 2019-Fall 2020WSU Graduate School
Megan JohnsenFall 2020WSU
Kamryn ClementsFall 2020WSU
Viticulture and EnologyVanessa CastrejonFall 2020WSU
Ag BiotechnologyLydia Halvorson2021WSU
Management Information SystemsGreyson Phillips2019-2021WSU
NeuroscienceMichelle Mendoza2021WSU
Computer ScienceJohn Lancaster2019-2021WSU