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CAHNRS Department of Horticulture Genomics Lab


Our managers keep the wheels on the road


Karen Adams, Laboratory Manager


K. Adams
Karen Adams

I joined the Dhingra Lab as lab manager in 2009 after many years of bench experience in molecular biology laboratories. The ongoing challenges are to keep chaos at a minimum and instill in students good laboratory work and safety habits. To that end, I look after ordering of supplies, supply and equipment inventories, equipment service and repair, chemical and radioactive waste management, safety compliance issues, meeting schedules, budget tracking, protocol and sample files, supervise payroll of temporary employees, help maintain the lab website, answer student questions about experimental procedures, write operating procedures, find alternate ways to get things done, and nag just a bit. The goal is to provide a situation in which lab members and visitors can work on their research efficiently and safely. In addition to looking after our lab members I serve as a resource for students from other laboratories, conduct bench work for labs experiencing a time pinch, take fun engineering and metal fabrication courses, and serve on the Campus Landscape Advisory Committee.

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Nathan Tarlyn, Plant Biotechnology Manager


N. Tarlyn
Nathan Tarlyn

With over twenty years of work in applied plant science and research, Nathan (WSU ’92 Biology/Botany), brings extensive experience in aseptic plant tissue culture, plant propagation, and maintenance of plant material in both the green house and field to our group. Prior to joining the Dhingra lab in 2012, Nathan served as manager of the Plant Tissue Culture and Transformation Center at WSU. His experience in microscopy, including botanical micro technique, is another valuable resource for the lab. Nathan is involved in every lab project that involves growing plants in tissue culture, in greenhouse conditions, or in the field – so, nearly every one of our projects. Nathan introduced the lab to a Palouse area heritage and lost apple variety program and is using his tissue culture and grafting skills to help ensure rare varieties are not lost forever. Personnel and students outside of our lab also come to Nathan for plant culture and transformation advice.

You can contact Nathan via email at


Previous Lab Managers

Kevin Kipp and Kristy Podelnyk