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CAHNRS Department of Horticulture Genomics Lab


Genome Projects

Pre-publication Release of Genome Information

The draft genome assemblies of double haploid apple (Malus x domestica cv. “Golden Delicious”), double haploid pear (Pyrus communis cv “Doyenne du Comice”), sweet cherry (Prunus avium cv “Stella”) and almond (Pyrus amygdalus – 4 selections DO5-187, S3067, Ramillete and Lauranne) are being made available to the research community prior to publication. It is understood that anyone who accesses this data will not trespass on our ongoing efforts to analyze and publish a whole genome analysis of the afore-listed genomes. By downloading this data you are agreeing not to publish whole-genome or whole chromosome scale analyses of the afore-listed genomes, analyses of gene families/genome structures/ repetitive sequences, comparative analyses with other organisms including other published plant genomes, or other analyses such that they encroach and limit our opportunity to publish the findings of our work. We welcome community members to collaborate and contribute to the ongoing efforts if they are interested.

We are making the genome sequences available through an early release. The genome assemblies have not been thoroughly examined or reviewed and thus may contain errors and should be considered preliminary. Thus, the user should verify or validate any sequence that they suspect may be in error.

The data may be downloaded and used by those who agree to these terms of release. It should not be further re-distributed or publicly released. Thus, if you wish for someone in your laboratory to use the data, they must all read and agree to the access terms as defined on this web page. If the data are used in a publication, they should be cited as “(species name) Genome Sequencing Consortium.” (Adapted from Strawberry Genome Sequencing Consortium – Shulaev et al., 2011 Nature Genetics 43: 109-116)

To access the genome information, please create a new account by clicking on the link in the log in window.